50% Reduction in Plastic Use: The Case for Radical Change

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The relentless consumption of plastics continues in the manufacturing industry, with only 10% of plastics re-entering the value chain through recycling or reuse. To solve that challenge, one company has found a way to successfully reduce its use of plastic by 50%. Founded in 1999, Daysoft Limited has manufactured and supplied over 1 billion daily disposable contact lenses direct to wearers in over half of the countries on the planet from its single site in Blantyre, Scotland. The company both manufactures and supplies contact lenses direct to wearers, and its e-commerce business platform is underpinned by excellence in customer care and the repeated development of inventive manufacturing techniques with worldwide intellectual property protections. The bottom line: Radical thinking and action can reduce plastics consumption in manufacturing dramatically, release significant productivity and product quality gains, and reduce operating costs.

During this presentation, you will learn:

  • Why Daysoft rejected conventional incremental thinking as a route to change.
  • How conceptual changes in packaging and manufacturing process design gave a 50% reduction in plastic consumption.
  • The importance of early circularity and end-to-end thinking to champion change and maximize outcomes.


Alan Ralph
Alan Ralph
Managing Director
Daysoft Limited Blantyre, Scotland

Keren Sookne
Keren Sookne

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